We grind the beef.
We make the sauces.
We cut the fries.

No shortcuts!

The Lucky Bastard serves handmade burgers, sides and salads in Itis shopping center. We wanted to uplift the shopping center restaurant scene with burgers made on scene with the best ingredients possible. Restaurateur Kim Heiniö who was born and raised in East Helsinki wanted to open a restaurant in his old hoods and contribute to the services in the area and that's how the first TLB came to life. The Lucky Bastard aspires to be a place for people to hang, eat, drink and enjoy good music. We also love mother earth, so all of our take away stuff, for example, is recycled, we suggest you do the same! Recycle or GTFO.


The beef is ground at the restaurant and shaped into perfect little patties which are then grilled to a medium on genuine charcoal grills. We use a mix of sustainable Aussie beef and grass-fed dry-aged Irish beef. Our chefs cut Finnish potatoes into fries and cook them three times to achieve a crispy surface and a soft interior. Our burger buns are made according to our chef’s own recipe and all the sauces are made at the restaurant.


We’ve also put a lot of effort into our salads, we don’t want to serve your basic chicken Caesar salad. We love burgers, but we love our salads too and make everything with love and thought!